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Thanks so much for applying for my iPro Partner and Coaching Program.

You're just one step away from working with me to grow a successful online business!

We have received your application and we are looking forward to talking with you.

There's instructions below in 'Step Four' to access your purchases
but we advise you follow all the steps below in order.

Step One

Here is what to expect next:

FIRST: please complete your homework below. Watch the videos so you can better understand what it will be like working with us in iPro.

SECOND: In the next day or so, I will be reviewing and pre-approving applications.

In the next 24-72 hours you will be hearing from one of my team


In the next 24-72 hours you'll be getting a phone call from one of our team members to go over your application.


You will receive an email letting you know you aren't accepted and what our suggestions are for you to take next.

Step Two

Watch The "iPro Story" Video Below:

Step Three

Listen To The Stories From Others Already On The Inside Of iPro:

Step Four

Get Started On Your BCB Course And Training, Here's How...

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Thanks again, and I'm looking forward to working with you.

Dean Holland

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